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Phoenix Plaza

Mixed Use:

Our team members have many years of experience in mixed use projects, including:

Phoenix Plaza: a 100,000-square-feet mixed use, 26-story building, with residential towers atop, commercial space from the 2nd floor below ground to the 8th floor, as well as an underground parking garage.

Nanjing Commercial Building: a 39-story high-rise building with commercial and retail on the first 8 levels, a hotel on the remaining upper levels (including a presidential suite on the top level), and an underground parking garage.


Our team members have extensive experience in many types of residential projects, including: single family custom homes, tract homes, condominiums, apartments, senior apartments, high-rise and multi-story residential buildings.


The Venitian Resort/Hotel/Casino, Las Vegas, NV: a major project that includes two new hotel towers totaling 6,000 keys, two casinos, over 200,000 s.f. of retail space, a roof garden with a health and fitness center as well as a wedding chapel, two theaters, interior canals with gondolas, and over one million square feet of exhibition space.  The architectural character incorporates both classic Italianate design and 14th-16th century Venice, completes with replicas of the famous Doges Palace, Campanile and Rialto Bridge.  The total construction cost for this project was 1.3 billion dollars.  Gang Chen was in charge of life safety code research and coordination with the related exiting consultant, etc.  He also worked with the lead designer and developed the two main elevations for the project.  The elevation sheets that he developed were among the best sheets for the entire set of design development drawings. Gang served as a Project Designer with WATG.


Our team member(s) were in charge of Las Casuelas Restaurant, Palm Springs, CA.

Various fine dining and fast-food restaurants.  Contact us for a detailed list.

Hotel and Casino restaurants: 

Contact us for a detailed list.


Our team member(s) played significant roles in the following projects:

Gonzalo & Felicitas Mendez Fundamental Middle School (Formerly "Space Saver" Intermediate School), Santa Ana, CA, an 116,000 s.f. state-of the-art multi-story fundamental school for 1,300 students on 11 acres, built partially over a new 250-space parking garage constructed for use by an adjacent shopping center. Gang was a Project Designer with Francis and Anderson (F+A) Architects, Inc.

The construction cost for this project was 22 million dollars.  This project won the AIA design award.

Modernization of five schools for the Sacramento Unified School District.

Modernization of ten schools for the Artesia Unified School District.

Modernization of Arminta School for the Los Angeles Unified School District.


Our team member(s) played significant roles in the following projects:

LAC+USC, a 2.4 million-square-foot replacement healthcare project for Los Angeles County and the University of Southern California (LAC+USC), including an eighteen-story main hospital tower, an outpatient department, and a diagnosis and treatment department. The construction cost for this project was 1.2 billion dollars, and the final package contained 3,600 sheets of construction drawings. 

Naval Air Station Hospital, Lemoore, California.  This project was published extensively in Architecture, Design Journal, Architectural Record, The Los Angeles Times, and The Orange County Register.

Hoag Health Center, Costa Mesa, CA

Kaiser Permanente, including:

Claims and Referrals, Pasadena, CA

Genetic Testing Laboratory, Los Angeles, CA

Parsons, Pasadena, CA

Specimen Processing Laboratory, Los Angeles, CA


The following is a partial list of other projects in which our team members played leading or significant roles.  Please contact us for a detailed project list.

Industrial Projects:

Koll Plantation, City of Industry, CA, a 3,203,838 s.f., 14 tilt-up building complexes on 73.5 acres.  Our team member(s) were in charge of the DAB and CD packages.  Responsibilities included establishing and meeting project schedules and budgets, setting up the frameworks for the project, ADA, UBC and Title-24 compliance, quality control, etc.

Oberthur Smart Cards, USA, Inc. (Kirk Plastic), a 106,715 s.f. tenant improvement for an existing tilt-up building. Residential Projects: Kaufman & Broad homes (standard plans & options).

Telecommunication Projects:

Our team members have been responsible for over sixty AirTouch Cellular projects, including all three prototypes: a prefabricated ACP building and a monopole, an underground vault, and a roof top penthouse. The construction cost for these projects is over 20 million dollars.

Other Telecommunication Projects include: Nextel projects, etc.


Various offices in mixed-use projects; Medical offices for Kaiser Permanente, etc. 

Public & Governmental Projects:

Administration Offices, Building 5240, Utah

Laundry Building, Building 4229, Utah

Gymnasium, Utah

Xeriscape Restoration Garden, Long Beach.

Urban Design/Streetscape: Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas, NV: a massive space frame covering part of Fremont Street, along with a people mover, and six surrounding buildings. This project was published in Architecture, April 1996.


American Landscape Architecture Foundation Award

Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society Award

Pigeon Scholarships, School of Architecture, University of Southern California.

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